Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Primary Class Year Book

I teach Primary at my local ward. I am blessed to share the class of CTR 6. The kids love their lessons and we often do activities that involve craft, coloring and other keepsakes. So how can I help the kids remember what they learn each week?

I have decided to do a class year book for each child in my class. In this year book I put a revision of each weeks lesson, this is only one page long typed on the computer. In the book also goes all their art work and activities that they complete. And finally, I take photos of all the kids doing their activities and interacting while learning, and I print there off and place them in their books. The result at the end of the year is a whole book filled with what they learned during the year, all their art peices and pictures of throughout the year. This makes for a wonderful christmas gift for each child to take home as a keepsake of their time in my class.

You only need an office document holder or a display folder for each kid. I picked up a couple of packers of office document holders from the Dollar Tree (4 for $1) which proved inexpensive and practical. You can then get your hot glue gun out and jazz up the outside of the display folder.
 You can also find some great resources at Year Book Ideas. Remember this doesn't have to be an expensive exercise. You don't need to have these books printed up formally, instead it should have a scrapbook feel as you collaborate the kids art with the lessons and pictures.