Saturday, 1 June 2013

Welcome Everyone

Ok, So the intent of this blog is to help me keep organised the following both for myself, and of course my devoted readers  :

1)All the equally awesome Mormon Blogs I come Across.
This way I am doing something constructive when I spend 3 hours reading other peoples Blogs. It will from now on be in the best interest of my very important and informative Blog.

2)LDS links. You know, places that everyone can access and learn a little more about this beautiful faith.

3) Family Home Evening Ideas. Again, alot of this will be sharing what the brilliant minds of other Mormon Mommies come up with.

4) Life in the Day of..... Chronicling the random and whacky adventures of a Mormon Momma.

5) To entertain! I actually just read about non-mormons that are Hooked on Mormon Moms Blogs.

I would also love to feature a few more writers, and do weekly link-ups to other pages! If you can help with this or are interested in being a regular author on our little blog, please shoot me an email using the link in the side bar.
Let the Adventures Begin
Disclosure: The Above Pic Absolutly Applies To Me!