Saturday, 28 December 2013

Family New Years Resolution

Don't believe in New Years resolutions? Neither does my husband. He has the very logical thinking that if you want to make a real and permanent change, you start immediately and don't wait for a specific date, time or situation. I can see what he is saying and it does make sense. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your views, he has a wife that is very pro New Years Resolution.... So, in light of the fact that he is a great husband, we are doing New Years Resolutions this year,  Together. Here's our list so far:

1) No take out for the year.

Yes, no McDonald's, cafe rio, Burger King , Wendy's. None, nada, zilch...
For the whole of 2014.
This will decrease our waist lines and increase our bank balance. It will also mean that our meal times will be given more time, which will mean more time together as a family.
To keep this resolution realistic we will have 6 eat out credits for the year. These credits can be used for one takeout meal for the family. We can us them whenever we want (think birthdays, celebrations etc) but once they are used up, no more meals from takeout places are allowed.... I am really hoping we have at least one credit left come February!

2. Spend Less Money On "Things" and more on Activities.

What do we mean by this? Instead of buying the newest CD as a treat for the kids, we will put any money we can spare towards a family trip. It could be something as simple as a trip to the local bowling Alley or the movies. We are hoping some of the money we save with the no Eating out will help fund some extra fun vacations etc.

3) Live in the moment and focus on what's important.

Easier said than done, right! But we can try. We are going  to try to take notice of the people we love rather than society as a whole. People's opinions of us will be considered but not taken to be truth if they do not mesh with what we know to be our own reality.

4) Read the Book of Mormon followed by the bible in the first 3 months of this new year. 

What do you have planned for your family? Please comment below, we would love to hear from you :)