Thursday, 6 June 2013

Quiz: Are you a good wife?

Are you a Good wife? Following on from the last peice I published, I thought this would be a little fun for all the women out there who are now, like me, wondering if they meet the mark at being a good wife. Click on the underlined above and go to the Quiz and see how you rank. Would love to hear how you all rate. Here was my result:

The Dutiful Wife

When you said “I do,” you meant it from the heart. You go above and beyond the call of marital duty. You live to keep your man kept. From hot meals to hot sex, you cater to his every whim. Even when he’s not around, you look for ways to put a smile on his face. Your love for your husband runs deep, and you’ll go to the limits to ensure that he gets his every wish. Just make sure that it’s reciprocated. You’re in a partnership… not on a payroll. In the same way you treat him like a king, he should be giving you the royal treatment as well. Remember, if he doesn’t treat you well, there’s someone out there who will. And if he does appreciate the loving gestures, then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!