Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Random Ramblings: Summer Holiday Plans

We have Triple J staying with us for 4 weeks during the Summer Holidays. Triple J is what we call James' 3 kids here in Utah. Jaina, Jacen and James will arrive at the end of June. So what do we do with kids aged 7-13? Well James (the husband, not the child) is in The National Guard so we have to choose between a Masters Gardeners Children's course, Swimming Lessons or Hiking. I think we may very well end up do all three. We are also headed to the Beach! James promised everyone in March that we would venture to the Beach for the Summer Break. None of his kids have swam in the ocean! Having grown up in a little beach side village, this I cannot imagine. Anyways, Malibu here we come. I am hoping to teach James how to surf and while I really am hopeful that he picks it up, I am a little worried about him paddling out to the "deep water" where he can't stand up with his head above water. This should prove interesting.

Driving home we will take a different route to the usual Arizona, Nevada, Utah course we normally drive on our way home from LA. This time we will go North First. Why? Because we are going to San Fransisco! I am just soo excited about visiting the city that the Mommas and Papas sang about.
Hmmmm I will have to make sure I wear some flowers in my hair.

Jaina and I are going to try to finish her 4H Project. We are making Mommy-Daughter matching ACU bags from her Dads old uniforms. I really hope she wins a ribbon as this is the first real competition anyone has ever done with her.

My babies will of course be still in school back in Australia, however we are counting down the months till we can fly over and visit.

So there you have it, Our Summer Plans. I hope you all enjoy yours Summer as well.